Ann has enjoyed the privilege of narrating two memoirs written by Stanford Professor, Susan Krieger.  The first, "Traveling Blind: Adventures in Vision with a Guide Dog by My Side" (2011), explored the graduation from using a white cane to the very different and often challenging use of a guide dog. The second, "Come Let Me Guide You: A Life Shared With A Guide Dog" (2015), details the emotional impact that comes when an elderly guide dog needs to retire, and a new one comes on the scene.  Ann was honored with the opportunity to join the author at book launch events, and read excerpts from the book on behalf of Ms. Krieger. Oh, and she got kisses from the guide dogs, who were in attendance. 

What others have to say...

AudioFile Magazine Review of "Greenwillow" by BJ Chute

"...Ann Richardson narrates this gentle story of romance, family curses, and battling intolerance. She believably portrays a broad range of characters of all ages--from high-pitched toddlers to belligerent teens and elderly folks. Nuances of accent, class, and attitude are all lightly performed..."  AudioFile Magazine

Review of "Cultivating Hope" by Linda K. Hubalek

"Ann M. Richardson's narration of "Cultivating Hope" will blow  your socks off. You will begin thinking you are actually listening to Charlotta Johnson speak, it is so genuine sounding, it can get downright scary..."   -Jennie Mortaroti, Narratorreviews.blogspot

Review of "Party Crashers" by Stephanie Bond

"Looking for an entertaining listen that combines a light-hearted mystery with a dash of romance? Stephanie Bond's "Party Crashers" with Ann M. Richardson narrating delivers....The cast of characters...are a hoot.  Even more so because they are voiced in a way that  brings out their individual personalities, a true multi cast performance by a single narrator." -Brenda, Audiogals

Review of "Greenwillow" by BJ Chute

"Ms. Richardson evokes the emotional content to perfection.  Her reading of the text is just as excellent.  Clear, well enunciated, and outstanding in every way.  I especially enjoyed her characterization of the old granny Briggs, and of Thomas Clegg, who is farming out his cow to the Briggs family."   -Jennie Mortaroti, Narratorreviews.blogspot